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“Information About Hriday Mitra Prathisthan”

Hriday Mitra Prathisthan is Reg. Charitable Trust which is helping Poor & Needy Heart Patients financially for the Heart Surgery. We have raised a corpus fund “Heart Surgery Help Fund of Rs. 20 Lakh” as of today. We guide Patients through our Heart Surgery Help Line as to how to get funds from other NGO's. Through our guidance help, Every Heart Patient gets Rs. 80,000 to 1 lakh for His/Her heart Surgery. Till today more than 100 Crore Rs. of help is received by more than 15,000 heart patients for heart surgery.

We are also creating awarness among People regarding Heart Disease by organising :

1) Lecture Series on Heart Disease,

2) Alternative theraphy to avoid heart diease and bypass

3) Gathering of By-pass Patients,

4) Gathering of High Blood Pressure & cholestrol Patients.

5) Publishing Books on Heart Disease

6) Annual Magazine “Hruday Mitra” covering updated features on Heart by renowned Cardiologist
Cardiac Surgeons many more Heart related events Seminars, Workshops)

7) We have started Hriday Maitri Heart Club, Hriday Maitri By Pass Club for educating public regarding heart disease. We have around 2,000 members in these clubs.

8) Audio Cassetes & audio CD: We have realesed Audio Cassets on “How to avoid heart disease.” This audio cassets consist lecture of Dr. Jagdish Hiremath, Dr. Shirish Sathe, Dr. Satish Tembe, Dr. Suhash Erande.
This audio cassete is given at just 20/- Rs.

9) Video CD :- of Shrikant Mundada is available on the subject on how to avoid bypass and use of bottle gourd (Louki) juice theraphy.
Langauge :- Marathi and Hindi price Rs.80

10) Free Blood Pressure, Free Cholesterol, Free Diabetes, Free Heart Check-up Camps are Organised throughout year.

11) Recently We Started Hruday Maitri By-Monthly Magzine for heart education of people.

We have published following Books which are given at cost price to people.

1) Everything About Heart

2) Heart Attack & First Aid

3) How to raise Funds for Heart Surgery

4) Cholesterol & Heart Disease

5) Diabetes & Heart Disease

6) How to Quit Smoking

7) Calories & Dieat

8) Life after By-Pass

9) Life after Angioplasty

10) High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

11) How to Avoid Heart Disease

12) Acidity and cabbage juice theraphy

13) How to avoid Bypass
Bottle gourd (louki) juice theraphy