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Atlernative Therapy to avoid Bypass & Angioplasty Surgery
Bottle Gaurd Juice Thearpy
Louki Gaurd Juice Thearpy

We are propogating Bottle Gaurd (Louki) Juice Thery to avoid Bypass & Angioplasty & Heart Problem.
This Therapy is invented by Dr. Manu Kothari Ex. Cheif of Anotomy Depart. at K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai.

In this theraphy patient has to take his medicines and use bottle gourd juice.Through this theraphy many patient have been releived from heart problem.

Our Managing Trustee Shrikant Mundada is propogating this therapy through lectures, workshops, Books & V.C.D.
We have also made it( Bottle Gaurd Juice) available in form of Dehydrate Powder.
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